Padoma Consults the Establishment of a Subsidiary to BPKP Pabar

Public Relations of BPKP Pabar – Padoma, represented by the Board of Directors, was present at the Representative Office of the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP) of West Papua Province in Manokwari. The meeting was held at the BPKP Representative Office of West Papua Province where the Head of the West Papua Province BPKP Representative, Buyung Wiromo Samudro, was accompanied by the Coordinator of Supervision of the State Accountant Division, Heru Berdikariyanto and PFA in the State Accountant Sector. In order to realize good corporate governance, Padoma hopes to establish extensive cooperation with BPKP Representatives of West Papua Province in various aspects. The Head of the BPKP Representative for West Papua Province welcomed the intentions of the Padoma Board of Directors, and said that the implementation of the collaboration needed to be stated in the Terms of Reference (KAK) so that the limits of responsibility of each party could be clearly delineated